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When properly used Dividends™ Eh's unique system of dividend investing can generate unheard-of returns on investment. To avoid influencing stock market values the use of our software platform is strictly restricted to a limited number of accredited investors – as defined under prevailing securities law.
The unique Dividends Eh™ software platform is built on the
Most Comprehensive
North American
Dividend Database
Over 7,000 dividend, distribution, and/or interest paying securities listed on the AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, TSX, and TSX-V are included. Dividend returns are calculated, extensively analyzed and ranked daily.
Centered around historical dividend percentage ROIs, average price recovery periods for each security, dividend payment dates, minimum hold times, combined with your own personal preferences and due diligence criteria makes dividend investing simple and allows users to optimize their ROI well beyond the norm.
Drawing only from the stocks you select, Dividends Eh™ will create a one year investment program that maximizes return.